RezPlus works with all mobile devices

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RezPlus works with all mobile devices

Your critical link to new guests

More and more of your regular customers use their mobile devices to make a reservation. Other potential diners use their phones and tablets to look for a new restaurant. These diners represent a large potential source of new guests.

Here is what’s important about RezPlus and mobile:

  • RezPlus can be accessed by all smartphones and tablets.
  • RezPlus makes sure that all website pages come up quickly and are easy to read, even on the smallest screens.
  • RezPlus goes beyond just a ‘re-sizing’ -- we provide the best possible experience tailored to the device type.

Using RezPlus mobile is easy and convenient

  • RezPlus anticipates how your potential guests as well as your regular guests actually use their mobile devices.
  • Everyone appreciates how easy it is to get to the reservation widget and how easy it is to make a reservation.