RezPlus - Your Restaurant Online

RezPlus delivers the most guest-friendly reservation experience

Delight your guests, staff and managers

RezPlus has the most advanced online restaurant reservation service. Developed for restaurateurs and proven over 10 years, RezPlus delights guests and wins the approval of restaurant staff and managers.

Here is why guests love it:

  • RezPlus is easy to use from any device, including mobile and tablets.
  • RezPlus needs no password and reservations can be made in as little as 20 seconds.
  • RezPlus shows only available times, eliminating the back and forth steps required with other services.
  • Your guests receive confirmation, reminder and thank you emails with your logo and restaurant photo.

Here is why managers love it:

  • Your staff can be quickly trained and find it easy to integrate walk-ins with reservations.
  • Your guests are encouraged to reserve for off-peak times if their preferred time is unavailable.
  • Your managers can check the status of reservations from anywhere.
  • Your confirmation and other emails use your graphic design theme and emphasize your restaurant rather than that of the directory service.
  • Your reservations made through RezPlus have a significantly lower no-show rate than reservations made through directories.

The RezPlus reservation experience delivers your hospitality
by conveying your personal welcome to your guests.


Only RezPlus integrates reservations from directories with reservations from your website

With RezPlus, most of your reservations will come directly from your website. You can, however, sign up for directory services such as OpenTable Connect where you only pay a cover fee for the extra reservations that the directory brings. Reservations from Yelp Reservations™, which does not have a cover fee, can also be smoothly integrated within RezPlus.