Brand Promotion

RezPlus promotes your restaurant and your brand.

  • RezPlus never redirects away to a third party directory site. All reservations happen on your site and email correspondence is from your restaurant.
  • RezPlus tracks your google analytics and suggests ways to increase SEO and brand awareness.
  • Brand loyalty is a proven strategy to reduce your no-show rate. Guests tend to no-show more if the reservation is perceived as coming from a large 3rd party corporation.


At RezPlus, we integrate the entire online process. Don't waste your time with technology when you could be spending it on your guests.

Integration frees you, the restaurateur, to the more important task of running your restaurant. RezPlus has a host of reports that are easily accessible to help run your restaurant more efficiently.

RezPlus has been designed so that you, the restaurateur, are in control as you use the RezPlus tools to build your business.

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