Online Ordering

RezPlus seamlessly integrates online ordering with reservations to ensure proper kitchen pacing effectively avoiding your kitchen from being slammed. With RezPlus online ordering, every guest-- dine in or take out-- has the optimal dining experience .

RezPlus Online Ordering is:

  • Seamlessly integrated into your restaurant website, both functionally and aesthetically
  • Simple and intuitive enabling orders to be completed in as little as 45 seconds
  • Built with smart menu technology ensuring feature menus and specials populate on the appropriate day and time
  • Easy to use from any device 
  • Empowered with inventory tracking so that you never oversell
  • Designed to build your restaurant brand as confirmation emails use your graphics
  • Focused on elevating the digital guest experience

RezPlus online ordering ensures the takeout experience is as elevated as your dine in experience.

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