RezPlus - Your Restaurant Online

Our Story

The RezPlus Story

We are gratified to see that over 96% of our customers who started
with us 5 or more years ago are still customers today.

In 2005, we set out with a single purpose – to help independent restaurants take advantage of emerging web, cloud and wireless technologies. From the start, we recognized:

  • Restaurant owners and managers rarely want to be tech wizards.
  • Whatever services that might be developed had to be extremely user-friendly.
  • And, most important, any service we developed had to be focused on helping the restaurateur’s bottom line.

It was also recognized that the reservation services that were currently available were very narrow and limited and did not come close to realizing the full potential of advanced technologies.

What People Are Saying

It is the understanding of the whole process of helping people make that reservation that we all need. It revitalizes established restaurants.


It is such an easy tool to use and it is so diverse. It can be used in so many different contexts. I can’t think of a restaurant that wouldn’t benefit from it.


Your Success Is Our Success

RezPlus has moved well beyond simplistic online reservations. We are unique as we provide a complete package: An integrated guest relationship system that incorporates kitchen order flow management is, for example, one of several unique features.

RezPlus has been designed so that you, the restaurateur, are in control as you use the RezPlus tools to build your business. Your website is at the center of your capability to attract new guests and keep bringing them back. This is why we say that RezPlus is Your Restaurant Online.

The Team

Peter Hall

Peter Hall
Founder & CEO

Peter received his BSc, Computer Science and Statistics from McMaster University. His 25+ years of experience in Information Technology started with his work as a production engineer for a major steel company. He then worked as a software engineer, system engineer and product manager for major IT companies. For the 10 years prior to founding RezPlus, Peter was a consultant specializing in technical architecture for the design of a range of new products and services. Examples of Peter’s clients include Export Development Canada and the New York Stock Exchange.

Peter is an avid photographer and enjoys perfecting his craft when not at his desk.

Stephen Murphy

Stephen Murphy is Vice-President of RezPlus. Prior to joining RezPlus, Stephen spent 22 years as owner / operator of his own 14 unit restaurant group. As part of the management team, Stephen provides support to all areas of operations and customer relations.

Stephen graduated from the University of Prince Edward Island with a Bachelor of Business Administration and is a Chartered Professional Accountant.

During his free time, Stephen enjoys traveling, biking and golf.

Karen Hall
Customer Success Representative

Karen Hall has been a Customer Success Representative with RezPlus since 2010. Prior to starting her position with RezPlus, Karen spent 13 years working in the IT industry for a private consulting company working mostly as a Business Analyst on telecom projects.

Karen is no stranger to the restaurant industry having spent the better part of her teens and twenties as a server and bartender in restaurants in Kingston, Ontario.

When not at work, Karen can be found walking the Ottawa trails
with her dog, Sunny.

Jennifer Betts
Customer Success Representative

Prior to joining RezPlus, Jennifer provided web design, marketing and product sourcing for a multinational company specializing in the design and distribution of Sponsor Outfitting packages for the Olympic Games.

Jennifer holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Western Ontario and a Bachelor of Design from Ryerson University.

When not working, Jennifer is out running the trails of her hometown of Calgary.

Jennifer Becker
Creative Director

Jennifer provides creative direction for our visual communication and design projects including the corporate website, restaurant design templates, print marketing materials and our user interface design.

Before joining the RezPlus team, Jennifer worked as a creative consultant for various local and international companies in the high-tech community. She has been involved in the design field for 20+ years.

When not at work Jennifer loves to go on walks through the forests around her house with her two Bernese mountain dogs.