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RezPlus Works with Directories

RezPlus can provide access
to directories and save money

The fastest growing source of your reservations is likely your own website. But, today, reservations can originate from a wide variety of other sources including OpenTable Connect™ and Yelp Reservations™. RezPlus is unique as it can handle reservations from all these sources.

RezPlus consolidates reservations from all sources

  • You are no longer limited by the hardware and software of directory services. RezPlus automatically recognizes where a reservation request originates and incorporates it into your reservation system.
  • You always have a real-time, manageable picture of where your reservation book stands.
  • And, you can designate which prime time slots will be available to walk-ins, to your regular guests and to directory-sourced reservations that can cost a cover fee.

A fresh look at directory services

  • Many of you have told us that you feel like you have no choice but to rely on a directory-based service for a large number of your reservations.
  • When you look more closely, you may see that you do have a choice. There may be a way that gives you access to directories on a more cost efficient basis.

Consider your current activity and costs

  • What percent of your reservations originate from your website? Many restaurateurs find that more than 70% of their reservations originate from their own website and fewer than 30% from directories.
  • What is your average cost per cover from directory sourced reservations, including all fees and the high number of no-shows? Your average cost per cover may be eye-opening.
  • What are the costs of any additional website-connected services, such as eGifts or eMarketing, that you are signed up with?
  • What do you expect to pay for your next website design?
Services $/MO Typical Vendor
Online Reservations $100-$1,000 ++
eGifts Varies
eMarketing Varies
Mobile May be included
Custom Rewards Program* Varies
Kitchen Throttle Not Available
TOTAL COST / mo $198 Hundreds
Website Design Thousands each time
Ongoing website Changes Hundreds

*Coming March, 2020

Compare the value of RezPlus to your current vendors

  • As you evaluate RezPlus compared to your current providers, consider the value of all RezPlus services.
  • Today, you have to go to multiple vendors to receive the range of services delivered by RezPlus.
  • Instead of an a la carte approach, RezPlus provides an integrated suite of services for only $198/month.


RezPlus is ready when you are

  • When you sign up with RezPlus, you will be guided to provide the input needed for the installation of all RezPlus services.
  • At startup, you can select only those services you want activated right away.
  • You may, for example, want to activate eGifts in a few months or postpone your new website design until next year.