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eGifts help build your business

Bring in more first-time guests

Restaurants using RezPlus have found that online eGifts really pay off. RezPlus customers average over $500 per month in eGift sales with some over $1,000 a month. One RezPlus customer, owner of a fine dining restaurant group, recognized the potential of gift certificate sales early on and has sold hundreds of thousands of dollars worth in the past 10 years.

Most recipients of eGifts represent new diners who usually spend more than the gift amount. Plus it’s a well known secret that about 20% of all eGifts are never used. And, your eGift revenue can be applied to your monthly fee!

Here’s how your eGift program works:

  • The program can be activated at installation or whenever you are ready.
  • The widget for buying eGifts is prominently placed on your website.
  • eGifts purchases can be set up as either electronic gift certificates or incorporated in your gift card system.
  • Both the eGift purchaser and recipient receive an acknowledgement that shows your logo with photo of your restaurant.

The convenience of the RezPlus eGift service illustrates your commitment to personal hospitality