RezPlus - Your Restaurant Online

RezPlus is Your Restaurant Online

Delivering hospitality through technology

For years, you saw online reservations as something you tacked onto your website. RezPlus takes reservations to the next level, and is built around the most advanced reservation system available. It enables you to deliver hospitality from the moment diners arrive on your website to make a reservation to their enjoyment of your dining experience and, afterwards, as they receive your personalized thank you’s plus occasional reminders and updates.

Increased Guest Satisfaction

The RezPlus reservation service increases guest satisfaction because it is the easiest to use -- reservations are made on your website in as little as 20 seconds. Guests appreciate the convenience of a great mobile interface and the personal reminder and thank you emails

More New Guests

RezPlus increases the number of new guests in three ways.

  • A better design of your website encourages more site visitors to make more reservations.
  • The built-in gift certificate capability brings in fresh faces.
  • RezPlus can incorporate reservation requests from OpenTable Connect™ and Yelp Reservations™ into your reservation system. This capability expands your reach to potential new guests.

Increased Hospitality

RezPlus helps build your reputation for hospitality because, thanks to Kitchen Throttle, your guests enjoy smooth operations on your busiest nights. Also, guests appreciate your personalized email contacts as they make their reservations and receive your eMarketing messages.

Greater Repeat Business

RezPlus builds repeat business as your reputation for hospitality increases and eMarketing reinforces your restaurant’s brand image and stimulates more reservations.

Improved Staff Morale

With Kitchen Throttle, greater order flow control prevents the stress of kitchen slamming on your busiest nights. Both FOH and BOH staff work at their peak level of productivity which means increased table turns!

Lower Costs

RezPlus delivers all of these benefits with a clear eye to your bottom line. Costs are contained by your low monthly fee of $198/mo with no annual contract, no special equipment to buy, no website hosting fees and no cover fees. And, at no added cost, you have the ability to design, modify and update your website.

Greater Control

RezPlus has been designed so that you, the restaurateur, are in control as you use the RezPlus tools to build your business. Your website is at the center of your capability to attract new guests and keep bringing them back. This is why we say that RezPlus is Your Restaurant Online.