RezPlus - Your Restaurant Online

RezPlus makes no-cost,
in-house eMarketing work for you

eMarketing is simply a series of emails that lets you keep in touch with the guests in your database. The purpose is to remind them of their enjoyable dining experience as you inform them of new menus, special events and upcoming promotions. Think about the impact of stimulating just one extra reservation from each guest in your database!

Your eMarketing messages

RezPlus extends the hospitality and personal contact your guests receive when they dine with you.

  • The reservation “Confirmation”, “Reminder” and “Thank You” emails that guests receive reinforce your brand and design theme.
  • All emails can include a message from you as well as a reminder about an upcoming event like Valentine’s Day.
  • Even if you have little marketing experience, you will find that the RezPlus software is intuitive and easy to use.

Here’s how eMarketing works

  • You first prepare a schedule based on holidays and other events
  • Next, RezPlus guides you to set up the content of your communication, whether it is a promotion, an update or a newsletter.
  • Then, when you are ready, you can let RezPlus do the rest by pushing start.
  • At any point, you can create a new eMarketing piece for an unexpected event, such as the hiring of a new chef.

With RezPlus eMarketing, you provide gentle reminders and nudges as you
convey useful information. In this way your hospitality continues long
after your guests have completed their great dining experience.