Online Ordering

Extending Hospitality to the Home

During  times of uncertainty comes opportunity. 

As the world shut down, restaurateurs had to pivot and online ordering became key to continuing to serve their guests and keep their doors open. Now that we are opening up again with limited capacity, the need for a blend between online ordering and traditional dining is key to thriving. 

Hospitality and quality control are still paramount. RezPlus has developed a creative online ordering solution that works in parallel with reservations to ensure the perfect mix of takeout and dine in so that all guests can be served within their comfort level. 

We reached out to some of our most successful clients who have had success pivoting to takeout to find out what their top tips were on extending hospitality to their guests' homes through takeout!

Top Tips to Elevate Take Out

RezPlus had extensive conversations with restaurateurs who have had success with takeout. Here are their top suggestions to extend your unique hospitality/brand to the home:

  • Add a playlist link to your website that allows your guests to feel like they are having that restaurant dining experience.
  • With your meals, it may be necessary to include reheating instructions.   
  • Delight your guests with wine suggestions!   
  • Add a thank you note with an offer.   
  • Include a pantry of your key dressings/ sauces/ signature item.     
  • Include a gratuity option…our data show that your guests want to support/appreciate you!
  • Personalised packaging enables an even better hospitality feel.

Unique to RezPlus Online Ordering

RezPlus is committed to the continuous improvement of hospitality through technology. This extends to our new online ordering module which is:

  • Designed based on the restaurateur’s goals
  • Built with the guest experience in mind
  • Integrated with our Reservation software to optimize kitchen flow
  • Flexible so new menus, items, features can be added as often as you want 
  • Built with inventory control
  • Seamless with contactless payment options
  • Customnizable to each restaurant's unique needs
  • Supported, like all RezPlus products, with unlimited training and support

Online Ordering is an Important Piece to the Hospitality Puzzle

As we continue to navigate the new normal, RezPlus is committed to helping alleviate some of the stress. If you are interested in learning more about our online ordering solution and how it seamlessly works with our host of suites,  please reach out by clicking the link below.

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