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Planning a new restaurant? RezPlus delivers value and performance

Posted June 13, 2016 by the RezPlus Marketing Team

Takeaway for Restaurateurs

When you plan your new restaurant, you may automatically assume that you will simply tack on a regular reservation service to your website.

But now you have another option: RezPlus delivers not just reservations but a total of 5 services. This integrated set of services gives you the tools for attracting more new and repeat guests than is possible with reservations alone.

In this blog we will examine three areas:

  • First, we’ll take a fresh look at your needs.
  • Then, we will review the potential role your website might play as a communication hub for helping you connect with your guests on an ongoing basis.
  • Finally, we’ll highlight how RezPlus is uniquely able to meet the needs of your new restaurant for the years ahead.

Let’s oversimplify: Your needs come down to cost, performance and control.

Restaurateurs are always concerned about costs: Investment costs, food costs, staffing costs and operating costs, all in support of delivering your desired level of food quality and hospitality.

And, second, performance: Every piece of equipment and every process has to deliver value, or, as the expression goes, deliver the most bang for the buck.

Finally, you have to be in control of everything that affects delivering a great guest experience and a thriving bottom line.  

Let’s turn now to an area you may not have thought too much about: The potential for your website to play an increasingly important role. For many restaurateurs, a website is something you have to have since it gives you a conduit for online reservations. It can be both difficult and costly to keep up to date, especially when you realize that you have a new menu or wine list or, every few years, you need a whole new website.

Another way to look at your website is to see it as an integral part -- the hub -- of your guest communication and marketing efforts.

First, let’s look at how your website should interact with your guests. More and more of your potential guests will be visiting your website to learn about your restaurant. When your website is designed to catch a prospective diner’s attention and, in a few seconds, communicate your name, concept and image, more of your site visitors will make reservations.

The potential also exists to see your website as a communication hub for developing a greater personal relationship with your guests that can extend beyond their dining experience:

  • Your emails associated with a guest’s reservation can include your name, logo and message and can include a “thank you” following the meal.
  • You can develop a database of your guest information for birthday and anniversary clubs as well as periodic emails with menu, wine list and promotion updates.
  • Your website can include an online gift certificate widget so that your guests can share their positive dining experience with others.

Each of these types of communication can:

  • Reinforce your name, your logo and your brand with your guests,
  • Remind them of their great dining experience, and,
  • Trigger an impulse to make a new reservation or to buy a gift certificate so that a guest can share his or her experience with a friend.

One more thought: Communications from your website hub become part of your overall advertising and promotion program. For example, the effectiveness of a social media promotion can be increased when it is reinforced by highlighting it on your website.

RezPlus, the sponsor of this blog, was designed from Day 1 to meet your needs.

Low Cost:

RezPlus is an integrated set of 5 services, including an advanced reservation system plus a new website at no added cost, all for a remarkably low monthly fee.


RezPlus is unique in several ways. For example:

  • Guests can make reservations in as little as 20 seconds.
  • RezPlus can integrate reservation requests from OpenTable™ and other directories into your single reservation book.
  • With RezPlus, you design, manage and update your website at no added cost and whenever you want.
  • The Kitchen Throttle feature controls order flow and increases table turns.


RezPlus gives you the tools so you have greater control over attracting new guests and increasing repeat business. These tools make it possible for you to establish closer personal relationships with each of your guests.

For more information about the many reasons why RezPlus may be right for your new restaurant, we encourage you to visit our website ( ) or give us a call at 800-409-6845.

One final note: If your new restaurant is an addition to your group, please check our blog “5 RezPlus Advantages for Owners of 2 or More Restaurants” to learn how RezPlus is uniquely able to leverage the marketing power of a restaurant group.