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An Online Reservation System:
Is Now the Time?

Posted July 11, 2016 by the RezPlus Marketing Team

Takeaway for Restaurateurs

Have you held off from committing to an online reservation system? Here are some possible reasons:

  • My paper book is working just fine.
  • I looked at it but I couldn’t justify the cost.
  • My restaurant is just too small.
  • I’m a one-person operation and high-tech is not my strength.
  • I don’t want to get tied into a contract with lots of fees.

So what’s changed? Is it possible that you’re thinking:

  • I keep hearing that my competitors get more guests with their online reservation system.
  • My smartphone savvy guests keep bugging me about when I’ll be getting an online reservation service.
  • My revenue is soft and I need to do something to boost my business.
  • Maybe there are new user-friendly products out there.

But, we all know that one thing hasn’t changed: Money is always tight!

RezPlus is a software product that, for a very low price, offers 5 services built around an advanced reservation system. The goal of RezPlus is to give you a cost effective way to attract and retain more guests. In this blog, we will guide you through a review of whether RezPlus might make sense for your restaurant:

  • First, we’ll discuss what an ideal online reservation service might look like for you.
  • Then, we’ll discuss how RezPlus might meet your needs.

Your main concern is over your cost/benefit equation. What will you be getting for the money you will be spending? There are many costs to consider:

  • What are the startup costs, including setup fees and any special equipment?
  • Are monthly costs low, including monthly fees, any cover fees and website hosting fees?
  • Can I save on operations, including operating productivity?

On the benefit side, you can consider:

  • How will the reservation service help attract new guests?
  • How will the service help build repeat business?
  • Does the service include additional built-in functionality, such as online gift certificates or help with managing my website?

You would also consider practical needs that include:

  • Is it easy to train me and my staff?
  • Is it easy to use on a day-to-day basis dealing with walk-ins?
  • Can I access the reservation status away from my restaurant?
  • Is support readily available for any technical or billing questions?
  • Is the system flexible? Can I simply add it to my paper book and go from there?
  • Does the system have the ability to grow with me in the years ahead?

RezPlus is much more than a simple reservation system. RezPlus is an integrated set of 5 services that are all included for one low monthly fee with no annual contract, no special equipment to buy, no setup cost, no cover fees, no website hosting fees.

In addition, RezPlus provides:

  • The most advanced, easiest-to-use reservation system in the world, ready to take reservations 24/7.
  • An online gift certificate program that brings new guests into your restaurant. (And you can apply your eGift revenue to your monthly fees.)
  • An eMarketing capability so you can alert your guests to new menus and wine lists as well as special promotions.
  • A mobile service designed for small screens and ease of use.
  • A service that lets you design and manage your website. You can prepare a new website at no cost and modify and update it, again with no added cost and as often as you want.

Many new RezPlus customers start with a new website, our reservation system and the mobile service. They activate the eGifts and eMarketing later, whenever they are ready. With RezPlus, you are in control of your complete web presence, not simply your reservation service.

Here is how RezPlus meets your needs:

  • RezPlus has one low monthly fee. No startup or cover fees, no special equipment to buy or website hosting fees and no annual contract. And no cost for a new website!
  • Productivity is increased on your busiest nights with Kitchen Throttle, the RezPlus algorithm that paces order flow and actually increases table turns.
  • RezPlus helps attract new guests:
    • Your new website design is focused on attracting website visitors and persuading them to make a reservation.
    • Your gift certificate capability will bring in new guests.
    • RezPlus gives the ability to process reservation requests originating from almost any source, including local directories or the OpenTable™ or Yelp™ directories.
  • With RezPlus you can stimulate greater loyalty among your guests.
    • All of your reservation emails, confirmation, reminder and thank you’s, carry your name and logo and a message from you.
    • Your eMarketing emails also reinforce your brand as they alert your guests to such things as menu changes, wine list changes or special events and upcoming promotions.
    • Your guests’ dining experience on your busiest nights is enhanced as order pacing prevents your kitchen from being slammed.

On the practical, operating side, it is important to know that RezPlus has been designed after receiving input from hundreds of restaurateurs like you. We built flexibility and control into RezPlus. And we make sure that all systems are easy to use and that support is always available.

For more information about the many reasons why RezPlus may be right for your restaurant, we encourage you to check out our website ( ) or give us a call at 800-409-6845.

Just remember that RezPlus gives you much more than a simple reservation service. RezPlus includes a new website as part of a complete web presence, all for a low monthly fee.