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5 RezPlus Advantages for Owners
of 2 or More Restaurants

Posted May 30, 2016 by the RezPlus Marketing Team

Takeaway for Restaurateurs

As the owner of two or more restaurants, you are looking for new ways to gain marketing leverage over your competition.

With its integrated set of 5 services centered on the most advanced reservation system available, RezPlus:

  • Facilitates cross marketing between your restaurants;
  • Gives you either central or local control over website updates; and,
  • Makes possible promotional eMarketing from a centralized database.

This blog presents the 5 reasons why the RezPlus package is uniquely positioned for leveraging the potential marketing power of operating multiple restaurants.

Our roots are in the restaurant industry. We listened to restaurateurs like you as we developed our software. We recognized that your needs are for much more than a simple, tacked-on reservation service that may take your guests to a separate website.

We can combine the guest information from all of your restaurants into a common database. Thisdatabase can be used with the RezPlus eMarketing capabilities to cross-promote your group’s restaurants. Also, if you prefer, purchases of online gift certificates can be redeemed at either a specific restaurant or any restaurant in your group. And, your eGift revenue can be applied to your monthly fees.

Our services are integrated, from reservations and mobile to gift certificates and eMarketing, all working through the website that you design and manage. No more supervision of and costs for an outside service for updating menus, photos and promotions. No more supervision of and costs for multiple vendors for gift certificates, eMarketing and a rewards programs. And, taking it a step further, you can mesh your overall social media and other marketing efforts with the functional capabilities of your website.


We work hand-in-hand with you, from the planning stages of a new restaurant through design of your website to start-up. And RezPlus includes the administrative tools so you can keep your website fresh with new menus, wine lists and photos. These tools can be managed centrally or by each restaurant manager.

We give you the flexibility to operate your restaurants the way you want. For example, you may want to retain a paper reservation book alongside RezPlus. As another example, you may prefer reservation confirmation, reminder and thank you emails to come from your group or from the individual restaurant. As yet another example, one of your restaurants may need access to a directory such as the OpenTable Directory. Only RezPlus has the flexibility and the software to include  reservation requests originating from just about any source.

Let’s recap.   

For 5 important reasons, RezPlus uniquely gives you the ability to leverage the marketing power and management flexibility associated with operating multiple restaurants. For more information about the many reasons why RezPlus may be right for your group, we encourage you to visit our website ( or give us a call at 800-409-6845.