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Your Reservation System:
Paying too much for too little?

Posted June 27, 2016 by the RezPlus Marketing Team

Takeaway for Restaurateurs

You may not be happy with your reservation service for any one of a number of reasons. For example:

  • Some OpenTable™ customers are grumbling about the cost of the service and the loss of control with their guest relationships.
  • Other restauranteurs realize that their website and reservation system are out of date.
  • Still others are getting only the bare bones in terms of functionality.
  • And many restaurateurs want more from their websites than simply being a conduit for online reservations.

All these restaurateurs, which might include you, think they’re paying too much and getting too little.

In this blog we will describe how RezPlus can give you more for your money.

  • We will first review RezPlus’s distinctive features.
  • And then we’ll show how these features can deliver terrific value for restaurateurs in each of the categories described above.

RezPlus is an integrated set of 5 services built around an advanced reservation system, all designed to help you attract more new and repeat guests.

Here are some of the unique ways that RezPlus delivers value:

  • Guests can make reservations in as little as 20 seconds. Guests receive “thank you” emails as well as confirmation and reminder emails, all with your logo and your message. Learn More
  • RezPlus can integrate reservation requests from OpenTable™ and other national and local directories into your single reservation book. Learn More
  • With RezPlus, you design, manage and update your website at no added cost and whenever you want. Learn More
  • The Kitchen Throttle feature controls order flow and can increase table turns and improve staff morale. Learn More 
  • And the comprehensive RezPlus package comes at a remarkably low monthly fee with no setup or cover fees and no annual contract or special equipment. Learn More

So you can see that RezPlus is much more than a simple reservation service and provides a powerful package of services at a low cost. We call it “Your Restaurant Online”.

Now let’s look at the specific ways that RezPlus delivers greater value to restaurateurs unhappy with the limits of their current service.

For current OpenTable customers frustrated with OpenTable’s high costs, consider RezPlus for your reservation service while paying cover fees only for those reservations that originate from the OpenTable Directory. Learn More

For restaurateurs who have trouble keeping their website up to date, the RezPlus package  includes the capability for you to design, modify and update your website as one of the RezPlus package of 5 services. Learn More

For restaurateurs who are looking for greater functionality from their website but still want a low monthly fee, a switch to RezPlus can kickstart your business with the full set of RezPlus tools. Learn More

And, for restaurateurs who see the potential for their website to become an active part of their advertising and promotion program with their guests, RezPlus’s integrated technology can serve as a communication hub to attract more new and repeat guests. Learn More

Sign up with RezPlus, the service that was designed from Day 1 to meet the needs of restaurateurs with the most advanced software product available.