General questions about RezPlus

Exactly what makes RezPlus special?

RezPlus takes reservations to the next level by delivering your special hospitality through technology. The unique RezPlus package of integrated services enhances and reinforces your reputation for hospitality and a great dining experience.

What are the unique services that RezPlus provides?

RezPlus includes these services that no one else can provide:

  • RezPlus customers can design and modify their own website at no added cost.
  • RezPlus websites are designed to increase the number of reservations made by website visitors.
  • The RezPlus reservation system can incorporate reservations originating from directory-based reservation systems, such as OpenTable Connect™ or Yelp Reservations™.
  • RezPlus guests make their reservations in as little as 20 seconds.
  • RezPlus ensures that all communications with guests reinforce your brand and image.
  • Kitchen Throttle paces order flow and prevents kitchen slamming.
  • RezPlus gives the option of using eGift revenue as payment for your monthly fee.
  • RezPlus brings eMarketing in-house allowing you to manage your own brand.
  • RezPlus does not require an annual contract or setup fees or any special equipment or website hosting fees or cover fees.
  • RezPlus provides all these services for a low monthly cost of $198/month.

Can you tell me a little about your company?

The company behind RezPlus is SiteBenefits Inc. SiteBenefits began over 15 years ago with the goal of working with independent restaurants to develop software that takes advantage of emerging web, cloud and wireless technologies. RezPlus has established itself as the dominant online reservation service in its major test market with an 80% market share and a 96% customer retention rate.

If I don’t have to buy any extra equipment, how does RezPlus work?

RezPlus is cloud-based service, meaning all you need is an iPad or Android tablet or a similar device and an Internet connection.


How can RezPlus offer all these features at such a low price?

The RezPlus approach is based on providing convenience and value to its customers. As a result, our software architecture delivers a breakthrough in functionality and low cost through it unique design.

I want something special on my website. How do I do this?

RezPlus offers premium services for special situations. Give us a call and we will be happy to accommodate you.

The RezPlus Reservation System

Why is the RezPlus online reservation system the most advanced reservation system available?

RezPlus anticipated the needs of both the restaurateur and the diners making reservations. For diners, the RezPlus reservation widget is the easiest to use with no passwords required and as little as 20 seconds needed to make a reservation. For you, the restaurateur, the RezPlus reservation system does several unique things.

  • It builds your database of your guests’ contact information.
  • It is at the heart of Kitchen Throttle, which paces order flow to prevent kitchen slamming.
  • Our experience shows that, since reservation are processed on your website, RezPlus has a lower no-show rate than directory-based systems.
  • It is the only system that can incorporate reservations from directory-based reservation systems.

RezPlus eGifts

How do the RezPlus Birthday and Anniversary Clubs work?

You simply enable the Birthday Club and Anniversary Club feature and decide on what your promotion, such as a free dessert, will be. Your guests are given the opportunity to participate in the clubs and, when the date of the occasion is near, RezPlus automatically sends them your congratulatory email.

What happens if I opt to pay my monthly fees with eGift revenue?

When you sign up with RezPlus you will be coached through the process of setting up a PayPal account. eGift revenue is applied to your PayPal account. Your monthly fee is then deducted from your PayPal account so that no fees are taken from your restaurant bank account.

RezPlus eMarketing

Why is RezPlus eMarketing easy-to-use and able to reach my guests?

The RezPlus eMarketing service is based on two things. First, you create your message within the template that RezPlus generates using your logo and design. Second, when you push start, RezPlus automatically sends your message to the guests in your comprehensive guest information database. Everything is at your fingertips and you are in control of every step.

Website Design

What if I don’t need a new website right now?

RezPlus lets you decide when you want to design your new website and when you want to enable other services such as eGifts or eMarketing. If you choose to start by adding only the RezPlus reservation widget to your existing website, you will be asked to provide basic information, such as your restaurant name and logo, needed for the design of your reservation confirmation, reminder and thank you emails.

I’m not a tech expert. How exactly do I go about designing my own website?

RezPlus has combined innovative programming with the design experience of the RezPlus team to come up with an automated design process that assumes you have no IT skills. You will be asked for things that are likely at your fingertips - your logo, photos, menus and color preferences - and the RezPlus software does the rest. During the process, you always get a preview of the preliminary design and you can continue to modify it until you are happy. The finished product consists of your new website plus the formats for reservation emails (confirmation, reminder and thank you), eGift emails and eMarketing emails.

How can RezPlus design a website for free when I paid thousands to have my website designed?

Over the past 10 years RezPlus has designed hundreds of effective websites for its restaurant customers. This design experience has been incorporated into a sophisticated automated design process.

Kitchen Throttle

My restaurant has a unique setup. How can I be sure Kitchen Throttle will work for me?

Kitchen Throttle’s sophisticated algorithm incorporates 8 specific factors in its calculations to accommodate just about every possible restaurant configuration. This algorithm constantly monitors and makes the necessary adjustments to maintain real-time control over the order flow in your restaurant. As a result, your kitchen is never overwhelmed. Both FOH and BOH operate at maximum productivity during your busiest periods and table turns actually increase as a result.

RezPlus Works with Directories

With RezPlus, do I also need to sign up with OpenTable™ or Yelp Reservations™?

Most current RezPlus customers find that RezPlus fully meets their online reservation needs. But, because each of you is in a different situation, there is no quick answer to the question of whether you should supplement RezPlus with a directory-based service. The answer comes down to specifics: How many reservations will originate from a directory-based reservation service and the cost of these extra reservations.

For example, a neighborhood restaurant that depends on a local, loyal customer base would expect few additional reservations from a directory-based service. On the other hand, a downtown hotel restaurant that caters to business travelers would expect that a number of reservations might come from a directory-based service.

The decision boils down to the arithmetic of how much the additional reservations from a directory-based service would cost compared to the extra profits they would bring. Contact us and we will help you work out what is best for you

I have to say that I’m little confused. Is OpenTable™ a competitor or a companion to RezPlus?

Yes, it does seem a little complicated. As the answer to the above question shows, you have a couple of options. First, many RezPlus customers find that hooking up with a directory-based service is not cost effective and are very successful without one. Others might be attracted to adding Yelp Reservations™ to RezPlus since its fees are the lowest among the directory-based services. And still others might find that OpenTable Connect™, as a supplement to RezPlus, makes sense for them.

RezPlus for New Restaurants

If I am planning to open a new restaurant later this year, when should I contact you to set things up?

Because RezPlus offers much more than an online reservation service, it’s great that you are considering RezPlus at the planning stages for your new restaurant. RezPlus capabilities can be incorporated within your overall sales and marketing plan as well as providing the most advanced reservation service available. In terms of timing, we suggest that you contact us at two points. The first would be if you have any questions about RezPlus features, such as the process for designing your website. The second would be when you are ready to commit and have your name, logo, menus and other key information ready to go.